There are soo many more features than the ones listed here, but these are some of the main ones I can think of off the top of my head. If there’s something you feel is missing you have a question about one of the features, please send us a message to [email protected] and we will see what we can do for you!

Basic Features

  • Responsive Layout – All City Connexion powered websites perform just AWESOME on cell phones and tablets. With too many features to list under this topic alone, you have to see it to believe it. Check out our websites on a mobile device today.
  • Create Pages – Pages are great for static information like directions to your business, company info (About Us pages), contact us pages, and other static information.
  • Create Posts – Posts are similar to pages, but are organized by date and category. You could create a  category called news and post monthly updates, and another category called specials and post updates when you are having a sale. Your posts are very powerful because every post is pushed to the front of your cities homepage, Facebook and twitter, as well as your own Facebook and twitter accounts. So a single new post, is also “posted” for many people to see right away. Instead of updating your Facebook  you can start updating your city page, and get the added benefits of being found on search engines as well as on social media websites.
  • Create Widgets – Widgets are snippets or feeds of information found on all your pages, for example by placing a Facebook like box in a widget, it will appear on every page.
  • Create Google Maps – Easily embed, customize, and use Google maps on your site – in posts, pages or as an easy to use widget, display local images and let your site visitors get directions in seconds.
  • Create Navigation Menus – The Navigation menus are built automatically, OR can be manually overridden. The choice is yours.
  • Upload Images – Insert images, upload many photos at once, and even create galleries.
  • Embed Youtube Videos – Simply insert the url to a youtube video and it will be shown on the page.

Standard Features

Includes all the previous features PLUS:

  • *Call Bar –  Simply add your phone number, and any mobile visitor to your website will see a green bar at the bottom of their screen that will dial your phone number if clicked on from a mobile phone.
  • CloudFlare Tie In – CloudFlare integrates your website with the CloudFlare platform to protect your site from DDOS attacks, increase security, and make your website faster.
  • Sliders – Create stunning slideshows above your website’s content.
  • Site Builder – Create complex layouts easily with drag and drop. Put widgets anywhere on a page. Create callout buttons, columns, images in dynamic responsive layouts. (Makes super professional looking websites in just a few mins, even for beginners)
  • News Scroller Widget – Widget that scrolls through posts with images from specific categories, that can be used with the site builder.  Adds a widget with slider that rotates through posts.
  • Subscribe by Email – Allows visitors to get updates to your website by e-mail.
  • Floating Social – Make sharing easy – add a floating social media box that scrolls with your content.
  • +More storage space and less daily posting limits than previous plan.


Professional Features

Includes all the previous features PLUS:

  • Appointments –  Lets you accept and manage appointments from front end or create them from admin side.
  • Youtube Channel Portal  – Youtube Feeds can be portaled to your site so when you post a new video it’s instantly listed on your city connexion page automatically.
  • Fundraising – Create a fundraising page for any purpose or project, and accept payments online.
  • Keyword Statistics – The Keyword-Statistics-Plugin checks the content of a post or a page for keyword-density. It can update its information automatically while the author is writing their content in 10 second intervals.  the commonest keywords are extracted in a list as a meta-keyword suggestion. Based on this list a description can be created and automatically set. In short, this plugin makes it easier to get high ranks in Google for high competition phrases. An EXTREMELY POWERFUL TOOL.
  • Password Protect Selected Content – Allows you to password protect selected content within a post or page (just a portion) while the rest of content remains public. You can still password the entirity of any post or page.
  • Social Marketing – Powerful Social Marketting. Reward users for sharing or Liking your page to get more followers. We use this in order to mitigate spam by requiring users like or share our site before they can signup.
  • Events – Events gives you a flexible WordPress-based system for organizing parties, dinners, fundraisers – you name it.
  • +More storage space and less daily posting limits than previous plan.

Ultimate Features

Includes all the previous features PLUS:

  • Ads Manager – Ads Manager” is easy to use plugin providing a flexible logic of displaying advertisements. Track views, track clicks, create ads for specific categories of posts, etc. (Great for newspapers and other local media centric websites)
  • Digital Downloads – Serve Digital Downloads through City Connexion for free or for sale.
  • Piecemaker – 3D Flash slider, looks awesome, but since it doesn’t work on mobile devices, it is not shown at all on mobile devices.
  • +More storage space  than previous plan and NO daily posting limits.